Your Thinking Matters to Your Life

Each individuals responsible for his or her own thinking, change ones thinking and life will get better. But the thing is what thoughts do you want to change? Do you have trouble of controlling your thoughts? Are you a person often time think negatively instead of thinking positive? Are you experiencing that every time when your thoughts are despair and you find there are more negative thoughts come to you?

Your troublesome thoughts about a situation can easily be found in your self-talk. Self-talk is that inner running dialogue you have with yourself. It is what you tell yourself about life’s situations.

When you are thinking of the time that things seemed to be just fall into place and everything was in perfect order, you won’t feel stress, you feel calm and relaxed. This is not because things are going well make you feel relaxed and calm, it is opposite way, it means because you are relaxed and calm and then things go well.

Release the Power of Your Thoughts
Food for Thought
Got what I mean? If you can understand this and then you will realize that – it is the calm relaxed mood that makes things align and fall into place, the further result will be – you are well on the way to having the life you dream of, you will not get trap into that negativity thinking circle, in the other words, You are the creator of your own reality

Do you know you don’t have to rush around and really push things to get anywhere? What you can do instead is when every time there are something stop you, try to take it easy and looks at things calmly, you will get immediate happy results. This is the main part to manifesting your vision and turning your negative thoughts into positive.

I know talking it is always easier than do. Yes, change your thoughts to a totally different way of thinking takes time, it is a process thing, not overnight thing.

What I would like suggest you do is to take some notes when things are going well, at the same time try to capture the thought process which got you to that point. Thinking of those past events, recapture the happy moment, the things that happened during the fun family outing etc, no matter whatever you think, as long as they make you feel good, it should be fine.

In the mean while also remember – all the restrictions and stumbling blocks you imagine are only programmed into you, it is yourself put those limitations to yourself due to you believe those things that are told to you, by people who do not really know.

Think about those people who are highly successful – who were told at school that they would amount to nothing? The reason that they became so successful is because they did not believe what they were told. They just take the first step and go for it, they don’t analyzing and they won’t let ‘analysis causing paralysis’ caught them.

If you can master this simple concept of just relaxing, having faith and belief in your desires, you are on the way to your dream life.

Everyone has the ability to choose what they think, and what you think is what you get. So why wait? Be prepared and get ready to experience the disruption of change and hang in there.

“… Until there is nothing else left in me, except a voice which says to me: “Hang on!” – Rudyard Kipling


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  1. Mark Abella says

    I agree that many students were given negative ideas about who they are while at school. It’s easy for young minds to believe what they are told. Hopefully they are able to realize they are not what others in authority tell them they are. They define who they are and who they will ultimately become.

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