What You Love is What You Obey

As human beings we made lots of claim, among of those claims that we made is the claim of love. Do you know love is as a lawsuit, it is requires evidence? What is the evidence of love? What is the consequent of that powerful emotion? Think of our human love, what happens when someone in love with the other person? – That person will desire nothing more than to serve, to please and to close the one they love.

Love speaks itself, when you love someone, you do what pleases them, your greatest joy is pleasing and serving the one you love, its an honor to serve the one you love, indeed.

love Imagine this picture, when you are walking down the street, suddenly a famous person comes to your presence, let’s say a Hollywood star who you really love – how will you act when you see the person you dream about to meet is now standing in front of you? You may feel so excited, or you may want to do something for that person, or you may ask him/her ‘Can I get you something? Can I serve you some water? etc”

See, your act is dictated by how you love, it is dictated by the feelings of your heart.

If you really want to know what you love, look at what you obey, look at what you serve, look at what you strive for, remember that your actions just external manifestations of your inner image, of the image of the heart.

Remember, what you love is what you obey, what you obey is what you truly love. So be careful of what you love.


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  1. zohair akhtar Khan says

    Now i got why  people are obedient to their wives 😉 well obedience to God is the best but most difficult thing to do! Also to be realistic humans are to be loved but unreliable and cannot give as much mental satisfaction as honest worships give but human beings must love each other. Otherwise we have no reason to live! 

  2. says

    I think obedient to ones’ wife is a good thing :-) .. If human beings not to love each other, what this world will become? You can’t imagine the mess. For some people, obey God might be difficult thing to do, but for some others, it is not difficult at all .. it depends on the desire, thoughts, understand, want, heart etc. 

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