The Power of Subliminal Messages

Do you know what do three-time Olympian’s use when they simply HAVE to run a peak attitude to compete and win against the world’s greatest athletes?

They use this Subliminal Message

Subliminal, in a literal definition means “below the threshold of consciousness” – and sending subliminal messages means to send messages in a way that cannot be perceived consciously, only subconsciously.

Subliminal messages are messages sent directly to the impressionable subconscious mind, where they’re rapidly absorbed and used to help you with specific areas or mind-sets. The messages sent in such a way that they bypass the critical conscious mind, which may filter out positive affirmations.

Subliminal messaging is a safe technology that has been used since the 50’s. It’s a POWERFUL self-development tool!

In November 2005, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology “demonstrated that subliminal priming positively affected participants’ choice to drink the primed brand”; in April 2006, Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that “For each hour of television, an average of one more request was made for an advertised product.”

In the 70’s, advertisers began using subliminal messaging to influence buyers into purchasing their products. In March 2007, University College, London, noted that “subliminal advertising leaves its mark on the brain.” Movies later got in on the act, with The Exorcist employing subliminal to help further frighten their audience – an act which later resulted in a $150,000 lawsuit.

Subliminal messages are so powerful that the U.S. Government actually tried to BAN THEM from television and radio back in the 70’s. They were unsuccessful.

Today, subliminal messaging is used by self-made millionaires, CEOs, Olympic athletes, and champions from every field. The power of it is one of the smartest and easiest ways to adopt “peak mentality” – fast.

To help those who wants to become self excellence, a small team of programmers have created Subliminal Power, a software that act like a kind of SECRET control panel of the brain! It helps to flash positive affirmations on your computer screen while you worked. It is in the forefront of the subliminal messaging market. It combines an age-old method of delivering subliminal with the very latest computer technology.

Here is a good article about Subliminal Power

When you can REPROGRAM your thoughts at the DEEPEST POSSIBLE LEVEL, you can unlock your hidden potential for AMAZING things.


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