My First Day Back to China

Due to the restriction and censorship in China, I couldn’t update my blog while I was visiting there, thus, I can’t get in touch with your guys too. Thanks God let me back to the happy land Bangkok, and now I can share with you this long delay post, hope you like it.

After 17 hours journey, here I am – in China, safely arrived home and now with my family together, Alhamdulliah (thanks God).

Even it is already in March, but the weather here is still cold, because my body did not get use to such kind of weather, I feel it is especially cold (for me) – when I touch my nose and face, they are cold like ice, no any other feelings.

My flight was arrived in the Xian XianYang airport afternoon 2:20pm (local time) on 3 March. I was fly off from BKK to Shanghai and then transit from Shanghai to Xian.

My youngest sister, nephews and niece came to airport pick me up. I haven’t see them for two year,my sister didn’t change that much except gained some weight and add few lines on her face, but the kids, they are all grow up fast.

My 13 years old nephews even taller than me now, the 7 years old small eyes niece become so pretty as well (she got that kind of classic beauty), the other good looking 5 years old nephew also become very handsome (naughty type), he is the most talkative one.

When they saw me came out from immigration, they run very fast toward me especially the small one, the airport security guard has to stop them to not let them pass that security line. Well, you can imagine that scene, very touching.

I didn’t feel that cold when the moment I came out from the airport, but after 10 minutes, I started to feel the power of the wind, they sneak into my body very fast and hurt my bones.

There are lots of new construction going on, my sister told me the airport is building few more new terminals, which will be much bigger than the existing one. I was like wowowo.

On the way home from the airport, the second thing I noticed is those high raise buildings that beside the road. Two years ago, there were only few buildings and lots of houses, but now in a short time, there are so many new buildings up, only few houses remain. My sister told me that those are the commercial buildings, because of the location is outside downtown, so the price per square meter is bit cheaper compare with other areas, thus, in few months; all of the units are sold out.

I was like ‘wow, sold out all the units in just few months? That’s amazing, who bought it?”

She said “There are many rich people out there nowadays, whomever can afford will buy it. However, there are also lots of people who can’t afford of buying it, that’s why many of them are waiting for government’s new housing projects to launch, in the other words, they hope to pass local government’s qualification process and get qualified to stay as affordable housing projects that under a government scheme.”

Well, that’s good news to hear; at least Chinese government is doing some good things for helping out its own people.

I also saw there are many different kinds of trees planted beside the road (before didn’t have), which makes the environment look much nicer.

After 30 minutes ride I arrived home. My parents was standing downstairs the building waiting for me, they are very happy to see me. Thanks God, their health is good and they look like very energized too.

Same as every time – they already put bunch of home cooking food on the table to welcome me back (a kind of home tradition), they are all my favorite dishes, you can imagine how much food I had, I ate a lot. See below this picture, yummy shrimp and fish.

yummy shrimp and fish
Home cooking spicy shrimp and fried fish - very yummy

All of my family members came over to see me; we talked and laughed a lot, the welcome back home party last until evening.

So, that’s it, my first day back to China, except I feel bit tired after long hours flight, no other complaint, and the day was great. Allhamdulliah :-)


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