How to Let Negative Emotions Serve You and Not Enslave You

As human beings, all of us possess tremendous potential. We just do not make full use of our immense capabilities.

Everybody has the ability to develop successful relationships, build a successful business, become the best in their field, make a million dollars and etc. All it takes is learning the right strategies and taking massive action.

So, what stops most people from taking action and using their full potential to reach to the success?

Whenever I ask this question, the same reasons seem to come up. Many people will admit that what stops them from taking action is ‘fear’, ‘uncertainty’, ‘doubt’, ‘depression’, ‘frustration’, ‘anger’, ‘laziness’ or ‘feelings of helplessness’.

I saw there are many salespeople don’t succeed because they have the fear of getting rejected. Many people who have the desire to start a business never do so because of their self-doubt and fear of failure. Many people who experience adversity do not take the necessary actions to turn their life around because they feel too depressed or frustrated. In the other words, NEGATIVE EMOTIONS are the main reason why people do not take action and realize their full potential.

BUT if you look at the other side, you will see those negative emotions also serve a positive purpose, which means whatever kind of negative emotions you are facing are actually the signals that tell you need to change something. They are giving you the message that you need to either change your perceptions or your actions! As it said, before you achieve success, there ‘Patterns of Excellence’ you have to go through.

Think about it – throughout the lives, your minds will create the emotion of fear whenever you (it happens to almost everybody) face something new or challenging. For example, the salesperson experiences the fear of being rejected, the presenter experiences fear before going on stage.

Take it as a good thing, because the feeling that you have is giving you a message that to deal with the challenge ahead, you need to gain more knowledge, skills and resources to succeed.

So, it is perfectly normal to feel fear. Everybody gets scared, both ordinary and extraordinary people. The difference lies in how they deal with it. Unfortunately, most people allow their fears to limit them from taking action.

Remember, don’t live for others, don’t live up to other people’s expectations, get yourself prepared and then you will know what to say, how to say it and when to say it when that right moment comes.

Frustration, on the other hand, is another negative emotion that many people may experience. It is an emotion you feel when you are not able to get the result that you want despite repeated attempts. I saw many people allow the feeling of frustration to overwhelm them so much that lead them to angry, and then they quit ever attempting it again.

If in case you find yourself into such frustration situation, threw your hands up in surrender and walk off, do something different to get the results you want.

To reach to that success, there are patterns of excellence you really need to look into.

In conclusion, ‘negative emotions’ like fear, frustration, anger, depression and disappointment are not really bad at all. They can really help you to become much more successful. All you have to do is to ensure that they serve you and not immobilize you from taking action. Thus, whenever you experience a negative emotion, listen to the message and act on it. Once you have heard the message, breakout of the negative emotion and you will no longer feel bad about it.


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