Manhood and Womanhood at Different Stages in a Relationship

In the manhood and womanhood, every relationship goes through stages - where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person, everyone hope for the best, but often time, you can't avoid the inevitable. After I watched below this video, I'm speechless. Honestly, I think these guys have touched on something that so many people fail to see or in denial about. The video is about Josh and Marissa's story, a lovely couple whose relationship are at a crossroads, … [Read more...]

Decode Your Dates for Her and for Him

I discover this is very interesting. Gentlemen, do you know how your date was going to end by understanding the mysteries of women? Until now, the statement of women are a mystery and it drives men all crazy still the fact, there was no way to get inside your date's body language and uncover what she is really thinking. The business of figuring out females has been around forever. It's a BIG business with tons of gimmicks. You see, women are such a mystery and all it takes … [Read more...]

How to Make Gel Candles as Gifts for Your Loved One

When a loved-one or any special person celebrates a memorable day of his or her life, gifts would always be at the top list. Gifts may vary from the simple greeting cards to the most luxurious car. Well, does the cost really matter? In some circumstance it does but it does not matter the most. As what I always said, it is the “thought” that counts. Though for most people the tag price of your present may "tickle the spine", however, it is beyond denial that a “personal” … [Read more...]