How To Overcome The Fear

Fear something is a normal act for human beings, in fact, we are all afraid of something, such as fear of poverty, fear of lose of love, fear of ill health or fear of spiders etc. But if you do not or refuse to take steps to beat it, it will becomes a problem for you. You are what you want to be, just like you are what you eat, it also follows that you are what you think. So face the fear no matter how things are going to scare you, don't focus on it, change your … [Read more...]

Video: Get Motivated, Get Inspired Part 6

You have a dream, or rather, you had a dream, or in fact, you had lots of them, but then unexpected things happened, worry crept into your life, your wonderful life got challenged and you feel bored, uninspired, grey, heavy and etc. Life has its own way of interfering us while we are going after our dreams. From time to time, it distracts us from pursuing things that really matter and even convinces us that nothing really matters. This can attract us to adopt a defeatist … [Read more...]

My Blissful Moment With Snow

With a hot cup of tea in hand, standing in front of window and look at the outside those naked tree, gray clouds, watch snow flying around, see them falling upon the trees and the water freezing in positions that look beautiful and stunning, hear the sounds of strong wind hit windows and then you realize that you really live in a world full of beauty. By the time of writing this post, I am spending my vacation in China at my sister's place, even though it is already in … [Read more...]

Video: Get Motivated, Get Inspired Part 5

Hope by now, you already watched my previous inspirational and motivational videos. If you still haven't, I highly recommend you find time to watch them, each video will cost you less than 2 minutes to watch. In this competitive and dynamic world we are living, staying on top of whatever you do is vital. But if you're running on fumes from the stress and overload of it all, you may be in for a big letdown. Unless you take steps to replenish your mind, body and spirit, … [Read more...]

Creating The Right and Winning Mindset

If you have been with me for any length of time, either it is through by reading my post from marketingblog, or personal blog or business site, you know that I talk a lot about mindset. Having the right winning mindset when you go into business is crucial. it is likely the factor that will make or break your success. No matter whatever you do, finding your center and creating the right mindset is extremely important! Without it, you will have a difficult time finding … [Read more...]