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Hiya, no matter which part of the world you are come from, you are welcome to my body-mind-spiritual balance blog!

Yep, that’s me (see the picture on the left), love efficiency, life hacks, pondering, new technologies, self-improvement and, more than anything, combining those things into my daily life and my work.

I focus on integrating “Web” technology – that is, the hip, new, cool stuff all the kids are using into my marketing and online business. I believe the internet is turning more and more towards user-created content and grassroots movements.

Some of you already met me in person, but many of you don’t know me. To keep the things simple, you can find out more information about me and what I do at Your Best Internet Marketing Partner and Marketing Blog.

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I mentioned them here is because if in case you want to create a simple information or hobby blog, or you want to create a professional business website, or a community site with many users, but you don’t have experience and know-how, guys in the StudioPress can really help you, you don’t need to spend many hours in studying and understanding the Content Management Systems (CMS), not need at all.

My Hobbies

Reading, listening good music, hanging out with friends, shopping, love to drink black coffee, tea and healthy juices, like to go biking, jogging, hiking and traveling (when I get the chance) .. cooking is the latest hobby that I added to my list.

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